Materials Physics

Several research groups of the department are working in this area including nanomaterials and nanotechnology, functional materials and devices, semiconductors, photovoltaics and several other hot areas of materials sciences and condensed matter physics. Most of the faculty members are working in the above-mentioned area.

high energy and PARTICLE Physics

High Energy and Particle Physicists study the most basic constituents of matter and antimatter and the forces that govern their interactions. Accelerators are used to create particles that normally do not occur in every-day life. Much work remains to be done on the dark matter and dark energy. Our faculty members Dr. Muhammad Ajaz and Dr. Rashid Khan are working in these areas and supervise undergrad and graduate level students.


Computational materials science and engineering uses modelling, simulation, theory, and informatics to understand materials. The main goals include discovering new materials, determining material behaviour and mechanisms, explaining experiments, and exploring materials theories. Our faculty member Dr. Raz Muhammad and Dr. Shaukat Ali Khattak are working in this area and supervising research students.